Plan A ain’t working.

Like most people I have woken up to the fact that commonly held beliefs are no longer true. The pattern of my adult life – Plan A – was simply as follows:

1) Work

2) Retire

3) Die

The idea was that step 3 happens a considerably long time after step 2.

The fear I have now working in an office in this the 21st Century is that I may skip step 2 entirely!! That, of course, is not good at all. I wonder if being hunched over a computer all day everyday for 30 years or more could be the new Industrial Disease. I often look up from my desk, across all the other rows of desks and am reminded of early photographs of workers in Lancashire cotton mills. Am I subjecting my body and spirit to a similar fate?

Modern living seems so full of hurry and noise these days – are we really better off than our ancestors. I grew up in the Space Age. Technology was supposed to usher in a golden age of leisure time. Robots were supposed to do the menial tasks and free us up for more esoteric pursuits.

Well that didn’t work. Mobile and instant comunication devices mean we are more tied to¬†our jobs than ever. And those jobs are killing us.

Well, no more. I’ve daydreamed of a simpler life, now is the time to do something about it. Even if I can’t walk away from the job today, I could at least explore the option of spending less of my life here. Just one extra day at home could free up so many possibilities. This would mean a drop in income, but I’ve reached a stage now where I value my own time more than money. Selling my time to a company for money just doesn’t seem right anymore. This scenario would be helped by seriously reducing my outgoings – numero uno of which is the eye-wateringly large mortgage payments I’m making. I’ve got some ideas which remain floating in my head at the moment, but I hope that writing a blog would help me concentrate on them more.

Perhaps even the encouragement and comments of you and my other reader might induce me to put them into practice. My goal is not be stinking rich (though if you happen to have a spare Aston Martin DB9 you no longer need I’ll take it off your hands for free!), certainly in cash type way, my goal is to be free of worry and unnecessary commitment. A simpler life.

That’s my plan. A bit vague at the moment, I know but I have to aim for something.

Here we go…