Well, one thing’s for sure – I ain’t gonna get rich (quick or slow) just by saving alone. I think it’s too late for that – I’m nearly fifty, with too much house to pay for. My own damn’ fault but it’s where we are… 

I can’t cut expenses any further – I don’t spend on usual middle class guff like subscription TV, gym membership or the like; and we have – thankfully – never built up huge piles of non-secured debt for stuff (bleddy mortgage sees to that!!).

Only other option is to increase earnings – which I’ve probably talked about before but never done anything about. I’ve been inspired by a new friend we’ve made recently who gets on with things. He works for himself in some way or other – using the knowledge he built up working for the Man, to branch out for himself and bring in the bacon, enough to feed the kids and get a couple of toys along the way.

The difference is – I think – he knuckles down and gets on with it rather than stare out of the window wishing he could travel back in time to his younger self and reveal an alternative path; which is what I seem to spend most of my time doing. Enough! He’s prepared to help in anyway he can, it’s up to me to get started.

I think months have gone by with me no further forward – so time to kick myself up the behind and get on.

I’ve posted this short – expostulation, almost – as a gee-up to myself so apologies it’s a bit low in calories. I’ll make them better again soon I promise.

p.s. Office life is rubbish.

I’m having to negotiate my holiday requests for August with my boss – he’s concerned there will be insufficient cover. (The company in general is concerned there are lots of leave requests during late July and August, especially amongst staff with primary-school children, they think there must be a pattern so they’re gonna set up a working party – perhaps hire a few consultants – to see if they can uncover some kind of underlying cause. It seems to happen the same time every year… They’ll report back in the Autumn).

And yet – despite him investing most of his time in work on creating and amending plans – there is nothing for me to do.

Nurse, the tranquilisers…